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A bit of housekeeping, a quick nip, a short tuck — we’ll be back after a minor facelift.


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What better way to blend my comm/design abilities with my love of nonprofits than by contributing pro bono through sparked.com — helping out where it’s needed, one clickable opinion at a time. These orgs should be focused on the worthy good work they do; the least we internet denizens can do is help them make their message loud and clear. A quick logo mock-up or Twitter background can take one more task off their long to-do list. Go pitch in.

candid cameratrap.

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This black bear and its buddies have their paparazzi shots over at SI wild (a little day-job promotion here). If a tree falls in a forest, etc etc, there’s probably still an African buffalo giving that weird shiny box the stink eye.

New York Changing.

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Interesting work on the sleepless city; nothing gold can stay — unless it’s Gay St., apparently.

Swiss precision.

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Astronomically expensive, Bally’s Denisa is the Platonic ideal of a shoe (and the only way you’d find me in patent leather).

Paul and Elizabeth’s.

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(image via myleicablog)

Too bad P&E’s is so far out of my way, I can’t really make an excuse to “be in the neighborhood” — but the vegetarian/vegan friendly menu is enough to warrant a mission to N’hampton solely to eat here. (On the way out you can grab coffee at Rao’s to snap you out of you food coma for the long drive home.)

Omar comin’.

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This is pretty genius. Especially with Bubz, apparently, as the illustrator.